Asset Tracking Software


Maintains complete detail regarding the Asset/ Material such as it's AMC, Insurance, Warranty, etc. detail. Keeps record of all Assets issued to Employees, Department, etc. Tracks the location/ position of any Asset/ Material.

Asset Detail

  • Warranty, AMC, Insurance, Make/ Model, etc. detail can be maintained
  • Asset/ Material Category, Type, Sub Type, Price
  • Asset Serial No


Asset Location

  • Asset Location, Desk, Department, Room, etc. can be maintained


Asset Tracking

  • Once the Serial No is fed, the system provides its Material description, Transaction description (Issue/ Receive), Gate Pass detail, Location, current Status


Asset Inventory

  • All features as mentioned in the Inventory Software is also available in Asset Tracking System


Gate Pass

  • Issue/ Receive Gate Pass
  • Gate Pass for Returnable or Non - Returnable materials/ assets
  • Gate Pass contains all details such as to whom it is issued, when it is issued, whether the materials are Returnable or not, if returnable when it is expected to be returned, materials issued with quantity
  • Gate Pass can be printed according to company's format


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