Cab Management Software


Manages task related to cab management such as keep record of Vendor, Cab detail. Provides Cab Stock detail, manages Roster creation/ updation, special cab issue, etc. Cab Billing System that shows the total amount to be paid to a vendor over a period, etc.


  • Vendor detail
  • Cab detail
  • Driver detail, etc


Cab Attendance

  • Cabs attendance through Fingerprint Biometric device
  • Cabs Presence, Absence, Arrival time for all dates maintained



  • Stock Management provides description like the no of cabs of a vendor present on a date for all vendors and the actual no that was supposed to be present/ hired
  • Stock provides complete summary showing total cabs present vendor wise for selected date range



  • Roster can be created by high level authorities for team/ employees under them
  • Rosters can be updated


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