Canteen Management Software


Manages all tasks related to issue of coupons internal/ external to permanent, temporary/ adhoc, trainees, outsourced employees. Coupons can be issued by user logging on to system using fingerprint authentication or through User Id and Password. Provides all details regarding coupons issued to different employees for a cycle.

Salient Features

  • It verifies the authenticity of user through biometric device, which provides very high degree of security.
  • It verifies whether the user is applicable for the benefits (coupons) or not, such as incase an employee is terminated, resigned or has drawn all coupons worth his amount then he is not a valid person and therefore should not receive any coupon.
  • It shows what amount of coupons can be given to an employee.
  • It shows what amount of coupons is balance for an employee.
  • It verifies whether coupons that worth some amount can be issued to an employee at that period of time or not.
  • It gives complete detail of all coupons issued to an employee, its amount and the period.
  • It gives complete detail of the total amount of coupons that have been distributed and the amount that is left in stock for any specified date.
  • It provides various details related to stock management.