CCTV Surveillance Systems

CCTV Camera stands for close circuit television camera that capture videos not for broadcasting but mainly for the security purposes. There are various other advantages that make it popular i.e. it helps to monitor your property or asset effectively and it is also easy to operate. The most important requirement of CCTV

Surveillance system is to protect your vulnerable area. Adman Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is committed to offer top & best CCTV Security Cameras, Video security camera system, IP cameras, demo cameras, wireless CCTV cameras, and numerous other cameras.

We at Adman technologies manufacture and supply numerous video security camera system i.e. CCD Regular Cameras with 1/3 resolution and audio support function, CCD Mount Camera with vandal proof design, CCD IR Cameras with capturing clear images, CCD Outdoor Cameras, PTZ Network Camera with 22X Zoom and PTZ Network Camera with 3 X Zoom. The main purpose of CCTV surveillance system is to monitor and surveillance the work area. Our top CCTV Security Cameras helps to capture electronic footage with best resolution and audio support.

Avail our best CCTV security cameras with latest technology, higher resolution, audio support and better zooming to monitor indoor and outdoor surveillance.

CCD Regular Camera

CCTV Security Cameras

1/3" High Resolution Color CCD Camera

Is a regular camera with the audio function and supports A.E.S. / V.D. / D.D. iris mode. It can be powered by AC or DC type power source


  • 1/3" HR Color CCD
  • Low light sensitivity of 1.0 Lux at F2.0
  • Built-in microphone
  • High resolution 520TVL

CCD "C" Mount Cameras

IR Cameras Features

  • 1/3" HR Color CCD
  • High resolution of 480 TVL
  • Low light sensitivity of 0.5Lux / F1.6
  • 2X variable focus lens ( f=4.0 ~ 9.0mm )
  • Vandal-Resistant Case Design

CCD IR Camera

CCTV Surveillance System High Resolution Color Camera:

1/3" High Resolution Sony Color 102 IR LED Camera
To satisfy the environments where low visibility is encountered and high demand of safeguard is a necessity, we're proud to announce the presence of this new innovative IRpro series camera. Equipped with "IR Shifter", "Smart Light Control" and a large aperture lens (F1.2 / F1.4), this camera optimizes the advantages of an IR camera to provide sharp and clear images, and smartly extends the life of an IR camera to provide great reliability.

Standard Resolution Color IR Camera:

1/4" Color IR Camera
This is a 1/4" Color CCD video camera employs a 1/4" Color charge coupled device solid-state imaging device which provide extremely long life and high reliability. The camera offers excellent reproducibility with low lag and high burn resistance, and is not subject to distortion from magnetic fields and the camera functions reliability in wide temperature range.


  • 1/4" CCD image sensor to provide superior pictures
  • Excellent picture quality with standard resolution
  • 0.6Lux / F2.0, 0 Lux (10 meter IR ON)
  • 12 units Infrared LED
  • Over 10 Meters
  • Automatic IR trigger-on under low illumination
  • Automatic IR off under normal illumination
  • Built-in Auto Electronic Shutter

CCD Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor Cameras High Resolution Color CCD Outdoor :


1/3" High Resolution Outdoor IR Camera

No matter "DAY" or "NIGHT", AVC872 product always gives you live pictures. In addition, it has built-in ventilator system & heater (optional) which enables normal operating temperature range from -20º C to +60º C.


  • Extruded aluminum housing
  • Lightning-proof design
  • IR LED effective range: 30m
  • Intelligent heater system (Optional)
  • Steel wall mount bracket (Optional)