Door Frame Metal Detector

Multi 2/6/8 Zone

Multi 2/6/8 Zone Advanced Features

  • Approved for security integration by Indian Railways
  • Computer Connectivity
  • IP address / ID for remote monitoring
  • Parameter control thru remote
  • Remote Alarm relay
  • Battery Backup > 4hrs
  • Real Time Clock, Year -Month-Day
  • Data Recording
  • Date Times, Alarm level
Technical Parameter

Technology Digital Signal Processing
Circuitary Auto calibration & diagnostics
No. of zones 6/8 Zone
Frequency 4-8 Khz, 8 User selectable
Sensitivity 0-255 individually programable
Detection of Ferrous / Non-ferrous / Ferrite / Alloys
Alarm on detectioin Audio : 10 level tone select
Visual Display of zone intercepted
False Alarm Rate <3%
Arch Dimension 2230 x 835 x 600mm(+/-10%)
Clearance 1990 x 700 x 500mm(+/-10%)
Throughput ~100 persons/min-adjustable
Power Supply Inbuilt SMPS 90-270 V AC
Protection Password protected , Vibration indicated
Counter Traffic counter and alarm counter
Dispaly Back Lit LCD with time control
Controls Front panel / Remote control

Multi 2/6/8 Zone

For Security, Access Control & Pilferage Check
Technical Parameter

Construction PVC composite material through special production process
Display LED dispaly unit
All controls digital/auto
Zones Six over-lapping zones to detect the location of the suspect metal articals hidden in the human body with respect to height
Sensitivity 99 levels for each detecting zone can be adjusted auto manually
Technology Digiatl/Analogy and left right balance of signal prevents false ommited alarm.
Alarm Audio/Visual alarm
Protection Password allow the authorized person for the operation. It is highly safe.
Counter Intelligent counter displays traffic flow and the times of alarm
Environmental Temp 0+45 deg C, 98% RH
Unit is splash proof and anti-shock
Power Supply 240V/50Hz AC mains
30W consumption
SMPS type /30W
Transit Rate Upto 70 persons/min
Optional Extra Battery backup