Fire Suppression system - Co2

The Carbon Dioxide ( Co2) Fire Suppression System is an engineered system available in three application configurations: total flooding (for unoccupied areas), local application or hand-hose line. System includes detectors, a control unit, agent storage cylinders, piping and discharge nozzles. Gaseous carbon dioxide rapidly suppresses fire by a combination of cooling and oxygen displacement. Discharge duration and agent flow rates are customized for the individual application.


Industrial Fire Suppression System
  • Proven quality and reliability with world leading brands
  • Tested and approved all of various detection and control options
  • Inexpensive and plentiful to re-fill
  • Wide ranges of proven safe, hazard protection

Technical Specifications

  • Reduces the oxygen content of the atmosphere to a point where combustion becomes impossible.
  • Hardware to accommodate any application and system type
  • Offered in 25 lb to 100 lb Cylinders
  • Hose reel line systems
  • Directional valve system options
  • Lockout valves and lockout circuits


Industrial Fire Suppression System
  • UL
  • FM
  • MEA
  • USCG