Intruder Detectors (Wired & Wireless)

Intruder Detectors (Wired & Wireless)

This P.I.R. motion detector is used to protect interiors. It detects any movement of objects with a temperature close to that of the human body. It distinguishes itself with excellent RF immunity.

This product is a technologically leading passive infrared motion detector with advanced digital signal processing. It has excellent Wireless Intruder Detectors RF immunity, white light immunity, automatic temperature compensation, alarm memory function and two output relays (optional functions).

This is an outstanding "two in one" detector, which dramatically simplifies alarm installations. This detector combines two Wired Intruder Detectorssensors (P.I.R. motion & acoustic glass break) in one housing with excellent RF immunity. It provides three independent outputs (P.I.R. alarm, glass break alarm and tamper).

This glass break detector detects the breaking of glass windows. A dual technology detection method (air pressure and sound Intruder Detectors analysis) is used. Used processing guarantees high sensitivity to the breaking of all types of glass.

This is designed for the testing of acoustic glass break detectors. It detects the air pressure changes caused by the flexing or Motion Detector bending of glass and then automatically generates sound imitating the breaking of the glass.

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