Inventory Control Management Software

Manages the complete cycle of transaction from Requisition of material to Receive and Issue, viz. Indent, Indent approval, PO, PO approval, MRN, QC, Material Receive Material Issue. Besides this a number of provisions that include Stock management (Raw Materials, Products, Assets, etc.), Rate Analysis, Supplier, Vendor, Customer detail, BOM (Bill of Material), Sale Invoice, Gate Pass with sophisticated means to manage Users by assigning different Rights, Roles Privileges are the distinguishing features of the Time Watch Inventory Systems.

Company detail

  • Company detail is maintained in the database
  • Multiple Companies/ Warehouses/ Locations can be formed and there data can be well maintained

Supplier/ Vendor

  • Supplier detail is maintained in the database
  • Different Materials provided by a Supplier is maintained

Customer detail

  • Customer detail is maintained in the database

Material detail

  • Material details maintained Category, Type, Sub type Department wise
  • Material Maximum, Minimum, Re - order level can be defined
  • All types of materials such as Assets, Products, Raw Materials, Consumables, etc. information can be maintained


  • Departments can raise indents
  • Indents contain Materials required with their quantity
  • Concerned authority can only approve indents


  • PO based on the approved indent is prepared
  • During PO preparation, the system provides Rates of material
  • PO can be approved by concerned authority only
  • PO approval is at two stages
  • PO can be printed in organizations format with complete detail


  • System generates MRN based on the PO sent to customer
  • User can enter the materials received with actual quantity along with the challan and other detail
  • Multi MRN features is provided as Materials can be received in several installments


  • Provisions to Accept/ Reject material
  • System keeps record of actual amount received and rejected with proper remarks
  • Final MRN can be printed

Material Receive

  • Material received through MRN or directly can be fed into the system
  • System keeps record of all transactions related to Material Receive
  • Keeps record of all detail like Challan No, MRN No, Slip No, Receive Date, etc.
  • All transactions for any specified range of date can be made and the system can track all such transactions
  • Transaction Ledger shows all Receive Transactions with complete related detail
  • Reports can be generated on the basis of query

Material Issue

  • Materials can be Issued to Employee, Department, Customer
  • All transactions related to material Issue is maintained in the database
  • All details regarding the Issue such as to whom is issued, what is issued, how much is issued, Challan No, etc. is maintained
  • Any query can be made to track material Issue transaction
  • Transaction Ledger shows all Issue Transactions with complete related detail
  • Reports can be generated on the basis of query

Stock management

  • Stock position of Raw Materials, Products, Assets, etc. can be efficiently determined
  • System can predict the Material that are below Min Level or above Max Level or have reached the Re-order Level
  • The Stock at different Locations/ Warehouses/ Companies can be determined from remote locations

Rate Analysis

  • Provides rates on which the material is purchased on different dates with the Vendor detail and date
  • Provides the minimum rate for a material with the Vendor detail.
  • Keeps record of Supplier Quotations

BOM (Bill of Material)

  • Maintains the formula to prepare a product
  • It determines the amount of different raw materials required to produce a desired amount of product

Sale Invoice

  • All details regarding Materials/ Products sold can be maintained
  • System has provision to prepare different types of Invoices, viz. Tax Invoice, Retail Invoice, Service Tax Invoice,
  • Provisions to calculate Tax, actual amount, total amount, etc.

Gate Pass

  • Issue Gate Pass
  • Description of Materials issued through Gate Pass
  • Returnable Non- Returnable Gate Pass
  • Receive materials against Returnable Gate Pass
  • Print Gate Pass in desired company format