Face / Iris based System

Face & Iris Based Time Attendance System MAKE : TIMEWATCH MODEL NO.: TW-FRS-1000

Face Entry - The most innovative and advanced face recognition solution for access control

Face Entry is the most innovative and advanced Biometric solution today that can process an individual's face as a key to grant access of use to premises which need to be secured against unauthorized individuals.

Time watch offers a precise, friendly, non intrusive, accurate and fast authentication face recognition & verification system.


  • Non intrusive, easy to use, user friendly interactive interface.
  • Fast enrollment and authentication (less than 1 sec)
  • Enrollment using RFID / magnetic cards / barcode / numeric keypad
  • Operating in an extremely large dynamic light conditions.
  • Insensitive to beard, scull hair or prescription glasses.
  • Covering skin texture from milky white to deep black.
  • Up to 0.01% false acceptance rate.
  • Comprehensive reporting system with images
  • Cover height 1.40m - 2.15m of individuals.
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, Weigand, Dry Contact, USB.