Web Based Attendance & Leave Management Software

Employees can apply for leave online. These Leaves can be approved at different stages by the concerned authority. Employees can check the status of their all Leave requests, Leave Balance, etc.

Leave Request

  • Employees can apply for Leave online by opening form and filling up form
  • Employees can check their Leave balance and roster to view leaves all ready applied, holidays, etc.

Leave Approval

  • All applications applied by employees for leave automatically reflects in the concerned authority account pending for approval
  • Leaves can be approved by concerned authority only to whom it is meant
  • Leave approval is on two stages
  • For high level authorities approval cab be on single stage only
  • Leaves can be approved or rejected

Leave Status

  • Employees can view the status of their Leave applications
  • The leave status Pending (Stage 1, Stage 2), Approved, Rejected is reflected to employee
  • Employees can view all past Leaves details

Leave Balance

  • Employees can view their Leave Balances